VIN Tag ID (1961 to 1965)

It has come to my attention with a recent purchase of a 1964 Catalina convertible, that cars can have serious VIN tag problems. My tag had been riveted on. Close inspection of all my other Pontiacs revealed a spot welded tag as shown in the photo below. When I PHS'd the car, it came back as a 1964 Bonneville 2 door hardtop, although the title just said "1964 Pontiac 2 door". I went back three previous owners and still could not find when or where the VIN changes. The point here is that you MUST inspect the tag for signs of tampering. If it has rivets, it's wrong. There are portions of the VIN number in your drip rail for your trunk, usually on the drivers side. There is also the complete VIN stamped on the top of the frame at the driver's side rear past the rear end. These are only accessible with a mirror and usually require acid to remove the years of rust and dirt. If the numbers don't match, then move on quickly. My advise to you it that, if it has rivets, you'd better check it out. I have heard of cars being seized by State officals and being either returned to their rightful owners or crushed, as the car was stolen years earlier, with the last owner having no rights whatsoever.

Correct VIN Correct - Pontiac used factory spot welds on each end.
Wrong VIN due to rivets Wrong - Pontiac never used rivets during these years.

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